Fair-play and Online Ethics

In order to guarantee sportsmanship during the Tournament, we have set up a few rules to prevent cheating. We are sorry for the inconvenience it may cause, but we believe this is necessary to avoid problems.

Video Control — obligatory for dan players

We ask all the dan-level players to record themselves during the game by webcamera, it is obligatory. We encourage kyu players to do so as well. The video should be taken from the side, so that the computer screen, player’s mouse hand, and the player’s face are all visible. If you are suspected of using an AI, video records are the best way to show your innocence.

Anti-cheating Arbiters

A team of experienced arbiters will check played games for signs of cheating using state-of-the-art anti-cheating tools (AI-analysis, expert judgement and statistical analysis). If the arbiters judge that a player has cheated with a high probability, all of the player‘s games will be forfeited and the player disqualified immediately.

Do You have a suspicion?

If you think your opponent has cheated, please contact us in private by email. Please do not accuse your opponent of cheating just because he outplayed you in a decent manner, but also don't fear to tell us if you have huge doubts. We take this very seriously.