47th Prague Go Tournament,

Korean Ambassador Cup.

21–22 April 2018

Site and Accommodation

The tournament takes place in the congress hall of the Hotel Duo, located within walking distance of Metro C station "Střížkov", 15 minutes from the Prague Center.

The range of accommodation possibilities includes luxury on-site stay in the Hotel or a cheap yet close Hostel.

Tournament Details

The Prague tournament is the oldest tournament in Czech Republic with a long tradition of 47 years. It has a generous prize budget of over 2500€ plus material. The tournament also provides a wonderful tea service and a roulette for Go material. We use Japanese rules with komi of 6.5, time system is 60 minutes + 3*30 secs (or 15/5) byoyomi. The tournament is included in European Grand Prix 2018 as a Bonus Point Tournament Level-C.